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It’s been quite some time since the last event took place in Germany and a lot of things have changed within the Dojo Toolkit with the release of 1.4.0. This is why we would like to invite everyone who is interested in Dojo, or who would like to talk to other Dojo developers, to […]

BarCamp Cologne

At the weekend (06/06/09 and 07/06/09) I’ve attended the BarCamp in Cologne. The event was completely overbooked just within some hours after the registration page was opened and I’m glad that I’ve got the possibility to attend there. A hint for people who try to attend to an overbooked event: just go there and ask […]

WebMontag Augsburg

Last Monday, 29/05/2009, I’ve got the opportunity to give an “Introduction to Dojo” talk at the WebMontag in Augsburg. Because I was the only one doing a presentation I thought to use the whole available hour talking about Dojo. About 15 people attended even though the sun was shining outside. Thanks to everyone for sitting […]