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We Lean

  “We have a really good idea about developing a new web product.” Usually, this is what we actually think, but in the sentence there is a huge mistake: “a really good idea”. No. It’s not necessarily a good idea! I read countless forums, articles, stories about failure in startups. Too many! But the most […]

We lean

What is WAC and how it could help us 1

At Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, @uxebu attended the WAC event to catch up with the future of WAC. WAC, short for Wholesale Applications Community, is a group of global mobile operators. They provide, among other things, a spec for their correspondent web application runtime “WAC”. Recently the new WAC 2.0 Spec got out […]

Explaining EmbedJS

Last week, we tagged the current state of EmbedJS 0.1. This is a large step for us, and something we have been waiting for and wanting to do for a long time. And with doing so, the need arises to answer a lot of questions – and we better start sooner than later. So, here […]

BlackBerry6, WebKit, WebWorks, DevCon10, etc. 2

The BlackBerry DevCon 2010 closed it’s doors a couple of days ago and to put the conclusion first, I have become a new evangelist for the BlackBerry6 platform. It supports W3C widgets, well … in a way ;). The core message I took away: web technologies have become first class citizens on the new BlackBerry […]

JSONP for Google spreadsheets 20

Nikolai said yesterday “Is Google spreadsheet becoming the new Microsoft Access?”. You know the visual database and form designer. Well, for the web and pure mashup apps, that are mainly or completely based on the web’s infrastructure, so to say cloud services, one could answer “Yes, it can cover at least the database part”. It […]