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BarCamp Cologne

At the weekend (06/06/09 and 07/06/09) I’ve attended the BarCamp in Cologne. The event was completely overbooked just within some hours after the registration page was opened and I’m glad that I’ve got the possibility to attend there. A hint for people who try to attend to an overbooked event: just go there and ask […]

Home for the Dojo Foundation

Finally the Dojo Foundation Web Site, a joined work of people from SitePen and uxebu, has launched. The main purpose of the site is explaining the intention of the Dojo Foundation, decluttering the Foundation from the Dojo Toolkit and giving all the other interesting projects under the hood of the Dojo Foundation a corporate presentation […]

Dojo namespacing with dojango 4

This article describes, how you can create your own dojo namespace within a reusable django application when using dojango. It should give you an idea, where you place your javascript files and how you could structure your dojo namespace directory. When using dojango, where you are able to switch the source of dojo (a remote […]