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Explaining EmbedJS

Last week, we tagged the current state of EmbedJS 0.1. This is a large step for us, and something we have been waiting for and wanting to do for a long time. And with doing so, the need arises to answer a lot of questions – and we better start sooner than later. So, here […]


It’s been quite some time since the last event took place in Germany and a lot of things have changed within the Dojo Toolkit with the release of 1.4.0. This is why we would like to invite everyone who is interested in Dojo, or who would like to talk to other Dojo developers, to […]

Dojo.workshop(“Haifa”) – the summary

August 9th was the day for the first Dojo event in Israel and thanks to Yoav Rubin from IBM Research Labs in Haifa, we were able to hold the event in the great Auditorium of the amazingly located IBM building in Haifa. To give you a little impression of what kind of working environment the […]

Internet World Day 1, W3C Widgets and some other impressions

Today was the first day of the Internet World here in Munich. It is accompanied by RIA World and Mobile Vision, so you get three conferences at once. Unfortunately their schedules are not synchronized, pretty uncomfortable. This event is a mix of conference and fair. You can find and talk to a lot of (mostly) […]

Mobile2.0 wrap up

At first we have to thank the organizers, it was a great event. Especially the developer day (~100 people) was so loaded with energy, ideas and enthusiasm – wow that was huge! It took place in Barcelona Activa a business incubator, obviously well known throughout Barcelona, the Taxi driver knew right away where to go. […]

EventNinja: A mobile must-have Widget for the mobile2.0

We have been writing and talking about EventNinja already for a bit. Now you can have it! Just visit and test it on your iPhone and other mobile devices. EventNinja is on its way into the different AppStores and we will keep you updated on new versions coming out. What will you get? At […]