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We Lean

  “We have a really good idea about developing a new web product.” Usually, this is what we actually think, but in the sentence there is a huge mistake: “a really good idea”. No. It’s not necessarily a good idea! I read countless forums, articles, stories about failure in startups. Too many! But the most […]

We lean

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JS CodeRetreat: our successful event!

Shortcut Event PICS Tweets Blog posts TDD Quotes Here we are, our event recently ended, and I’m here to draw some conclusions. I have to say, we are extremely pleased with the result! It took a considerable time to organise everything, but it was totally worth it! We obviously had sponsors: thanks to Mayflower for […]


My experience as an intern at Uxebu: TRUST first.

My first days at Uxebu were hilarious… yes, hilarious for everyone but me: I didn’t get half of their laughs and furrowed eyebrows. Sometimes they were just looking at me astonished and baffled. Now, in retrospect, I can understand why. I am a stranger in a foreign country, and, although Italy isn’t so far away […]


My experience as an intern at Uxebu: Uxebu is changing me. How?

Before joining Uxebu, I was not familiar with the startup environment. For me startups were just new and small businesses with innovative ideas. Nothing too exciting. I began to realize that I had to deal with something new and unknown since the first Skype interview: it was scheduled at 3 p.m., and from 2 p.m. […]


Part 2. How to organize an event: our JS CodeRetreat

I love to organize events! I organized pretty big parties before coming here, and I loved to plan graduation parties for my friends (in the North-East of Italy graduation parties are held in a very folkloric way, not common at all… I’ve never seen anything like those parties and behaviors in the rest of the […]

Part 1. How to organize an event: our JS CodeRetreat

We are planning a JS CodeRetreat for February 8th (ah, btw, if interested, here’s the link to the website:, and I, of course, wanted to lend a hand in the organization. The question was: how could I help if I didn’t understand at all what it was about? For this reason, some days ago […]

LOGO JS CodeRetreat

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My experience as an intern at Uxebu: Who am I?

Hello! I’m Irene, the marketing intern in uxebu. Keyword: marketing Yes, because uxebu is a very well known German startup which basically operates in the high quality IT consulting field. And I’m the marketing intern. Doesn’t sound strange until now, right? Well, let me tell you all something more about my experience. I graduated in […]

New website

We are very excited to announce the relaunch of the site and subsequently our other project sites as well!! In this blogpost I want to give you a quick overview of the new structure, the setup, why we chose certain tech and how maybe you can draw some inspiration from our work.